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  • [News] Professional tattoo face sticker factory

    Established in 2002, Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional nail beauty products manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing, and distributing full range of decorative/cosmetics stickers such as nail stickers, temporary tattoos, rhinestone stickers, manicure tools, holiday/promotional gift sets, make-up and bath products, and fashion accessories. The nailsticker and tattoo sticker is always hot sale in our company,as our Innovation, fashion design, superb technology, high-quality products.There are kinds of style tattoo stickers on sale in NailSticker,.LTD,such as body tattoo,face tattoo,rhinestone metallic tattoo sticker,creative small tattoo stickers.The good new is we have launching a lot of new product recently,and there are many new style will be launched Continuously.Here are some of new product face tattoo stickers:Rhinestone holiday face tattoo sticker:Material:Eco-friendly PVC+remove glueRhinestone new style face tattoo sticker:Material:Eco-friendly PVC+remove glueRhinestone new style face tattoo sticker:Material:Eco-friendly PVC+remove glueThe game face tattoo sticker:Material:paper,ink,3M1529/3M9907WRhinestone festival makeup face tattoo sticker:Material:Eco-friendly PVC+remove glue In fact, we have many different materials and many different design face tattoo sticker will be launched Continuously , for example, water transfer printing, paper, cloth, leather.The face tattoo sticker can be used in many occasion,parties, Mardi Gras, Halloween, festivals, sporting events, etc. The face tattoo sticker product by our company is waterproof, high quality,easy to remove,safe for children.It is eco-friendly and meet safety standards.With the fashion design and high quality,we have been got many order.Guangdong NailStickerCosmetics Co., Ltd1.OEM is welcome.2.Accept small order.3.Fast production.Welcome to
  • [News] Information of the hot sale patches

    These days, I am very pleased to receive inquiries,and i found a part of them are about patches. With the arrival of summer, jeans, T- shirt, vest is a favorite for people.The patches not only make your clothes become exclusive and special, but also show your style.It can be used in many places, clothes, shoes, hats, toys, furniture, all kinds of textiles and so on.The patches which made by us are high quality,waterproof,Eco-Friendly.It is safe for children and pregnant women.So no matter what age, what status, You can become a fashion person. Now,let me introduce for all of you. As you can see, patches have different designs,number and letter,badge,pattern. However,these have different Cotton material,border,backing. There are many cotton material for your choose:Felt, Twill, Tatami fabric, Satin fabric, Warp-knitting Fabric, PVC. The border: Merrow border, Laser-cut border, Heat-cut border. The backing:Paper backing, paper backing with words, Iron-on backing, Velcro-on backing, Pin-on backing. With the paper backing and velcro-on backing,you can sewn the patch on your clothes.With the Iron-on backing,you can use Iron melt the glue,then put the patch sticker on your clothes.With the pin-on backing,you can remove the patch anytime. The color: There are many style for your choose.You can make a special patch for the campany,customer,festival. Nail Sticker,.LTD is exactly a company which follow fashion as well as provide quality service.We can quickly production, accept small order, also can customized for you.The famous fashion magazine W,VOGUE,etc mentioned patches is still a fashion trend.With a keen sense of smell for fashion,We have mastered innovative technology and novel design. There are many style of hot sale patchesin stock in our internet. Welcome to
  • [Reference & Testimonial] Succeed to Finish a Urgent Nail Sticker Order

    Succeedto Finish a Urgent Nail Sticker OrderYesterdaymorning, I received a call from Alex. "Good morning, Summer. Somethingurgent now. Our event will advance to tomorrow evening. Can you please finishmy nailsticker today?" At the beginning, the reason why Alex choose to dobusiness with us was that we could make high quality HD printing nailstickers for him, and we have multiple printing machines which can finishhis urgent order in a short time. Now he need the delivery time to be advanced2 days. It means we must dispatched the nailstickers before Friday 6:00 pm. Otherwise the nailstickers couldn't catch tonight flight to Philippines in FedEx system.Howcan we finish this order in such a short time? It's really a great challenge!However we know that this event is very important to our client, so we shouldtry our best to help them. We adjust the production line and arrange moreworkers help to do packaging and inspection work. Even the lead time is tight,we must make sure to provide products to our clients without any defect.Finally we finish Alex's nailstickers on 5:30 pm. But it came with a bad news that the FedEx personcouldn't pick up the package on time. We couldn't wait any more. We decided tosend the package to the nearest FedEx station from airport by ourselves. I keptcontact with FedEx service person and got the lead time and location. Fortunatelywe still have time to send Alex's nailsticker to the FedEx station that close to Guangzhou airport. I went withour driver together to send the goods and export files.Finally,the goods caught the flight and arrived in Philippines this morning. We catchour client's event! Alex says he is satisfied with our products and service. Weare so happy to hear that and look forward to a long-term cooperation withAlex.
  • [Certificates & Reprots] Good news about the certification

    Goodnews about the certificationCongratulation! On March 22,2016,Our Company was passed the GMPC and ISO22716:2007 behavior operation specification certification.GMP (GMP Good Manufacturing Practice) ThatGood Manufacturing Practice, the first United States Congress to regulate drugproduction and enacted in 1963, which is the worlds first GMP. That FDA USFood and Drug Administration issued a Food GMP in 1980 to standardize foodproduction. In 1992, FDA issued GMPC “Guidelinefor Good Manufacture Practice of Cosmetic Products” toguide cosmetics manufacturers regulatingtheir production, thus ensuring the health and safety of cosmetics. It requires that the cosmetic products mustcomply with the federal cosmetics regulations or the European Union cosmeticsdirective. "ISO22716:2007cosmetic good manufacturing practice" the European Unions first cosmetic laws and regulations, These guidelines are intended to provide guidance regardin’g GoodManufacturing Practices for cosmetic products, including production, control, storage‘ and shipment ofcosmetic products. Not only have been prepared for consideration by thecosmetic industry and take into account the specific needs of this sector, butalso offer organizational and practical advice on the management of the human,technical and administrative factors affecting product quality. In the whole process, our environment and sanitation has beenaffirmed. At the same time, our materials, processes are considered to havereached the standard. Committedto providing quality products and quality service, Guangdong Nail Sticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional nailbeauty products manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing, anddistributing full range of decorative/cosmetics stickers such as nail stickers,temporarytattoos, rhinestonestickers, manicuretools, holiday/promotional giftsets, make-up andbath products, and fashionaccessories. Intertek, the industry leader with over 38,000people in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. They hold extensive globalaccreditations, recognitions, and agreements, and knowledge of and expertise inovercoming regulatory, market, and supply chain hurdles is unrivaled.Guangdong Nail Sticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd also had over 10-year nail art experience of exporting andproduct inspecting by third party, such as Intertek, SGS. Eco-friendly, safety and health is ourproduction standard.
  • [News] Team of NailSticker.,ltd go with DongGuan SongShan Lake international marathon

    On 27th March, the highly anticipated 2016 Dongguan SongShan Lake International Marathon commenced with approximately 15,000 participants setting off. The race events all began at the SongShan LakeManagement Committee, and swept the entire city in a marathon storm. There were100 robots "Alpha", an exhibition focus from this year's SpringFestival gala, provided additional entertainment by displaying group dancingchoreography thereby contributing to thescience and technology element of themarathon. Dongguan is a city of high technology and activity!At the same time, as a active and creative team, all members of NaiSticker.,ltd followed the pace of Marathon athletes, began a hiking trip of Shuilian Mountain. It was a sunny day, we enjoyed the fair weather. We gathered at thefoot of Shuilian Mountain at 9 o’clock. Then we followed the route of Butterfly Valley, Shuiliandongtian Waterfall, Old Temple Park Square and Baiyi Temple,climbed up with full energy. We enjoyed the fresh air and the beauty of nature along the way.There isnaturalmountainspringwatertrickleddownthesideoftherockat the mountain side. Tina scooped some spring in her palms and washed herface.“Wow! So comfortable! It would be better than any skincareproducts!I think the fresh spring would be no problem to pass the test of CPSIA, CA65,EN71, FDA and TRA, especially including migration limits for 19 substances and16P testing.” She said. We are greatly amused by Tina. “Haha, these are certifications of our nail stickerand temporary tattoo.Maybe you always introduce the products to our clients even you are asleep.”Tom laughed.When we arrived at Baiyi Temple, it wastime for lunch. Even our food and water were running out then, nobody of NailStickerltd intended to climb down. We continue to move up and no one is left behind.Finally we arrived at the top of Shuilian Mountain. There was a Chinesetraditional tower. We stand at the top of tower, overlooked this modern and naturalcity. We could saw our company stand out in so many high-rise buildings. At thesame time, we sendourbestandmostsincerewishesfor Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon. Every athlete would reach the winning post.
  • [Album] Charity Activities for Improving Team Spirit

    From 19th to 20th, Dec, our team, with leader Tom, GM of Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd, took part in a meaningful charity activities. In the course of the charity activities, we were required to collect living goods and foods. Then we were led tovisitgerocomium and to give out the foods and living goods to the old. We chatted with the old and heard their story and even help them to do some cleaning. After that, we took a course of the sharing held by the instutition. We met different people from different place in Dongguan and we were tought how to help others, how to manage ourselves, how to share information with people around you, how to put ourselves on other's shoes and how to face difficult and be man up when we are suffering "pain" , no matter in working or in life.This charity activity and self-management course, to some extent, lead us to growing mature and stronger. For life, we shoud have a definitefaith, then methods will come to you anytime. No faith, no methods. Every success comes from your faith and depands on how strong your faith is.
  • [News] Popular Lovely Pink Cuticle Pushers for Nail Sticker

    Our lovely pink cuticle pushers for nail sticker is very popular among our customers. They reorder again and again. The lovely cuticle pushers are 10cm. It is very portable. There are 2 ends. 1 end is made from rubber and the another from plustic. When applying nail sticker, user can use this cuticle pusher to push the air beneath nail sticker and make nail sticker more firm on finger nail, which makes nail sticker flat and nice.The lovely pink cuticle pusher is in stock all the time. We accept OEM as well. We can make custom color for our client. If you are interested in the cute pink cuticle pusher, please email to
  • [Reference & Testimonial] 500,000 Packs of Hair Tattoo Almost Finished

    Last month, our big client from the USA placed a large order of hair tattoo sticker. Hair tattoo sticker became a fashion trend from Oct. This American client re-ordered 500,000 packs last month after his first batch came into the market. For the designs, we provided almost 300 designs element for our client to combine 5-6 elements on 1 sheet. Finally, we created 6 sheets in different designs for our client.If you are also insterested in hair tattoo sticker, please view our website of hair tattoo sticker. We have goods in stock and you are welcome to contact us via email or skype.Email: sales@nailsticker.cnSkype: nailstickerltd
  • [News] Russian Client - Martime Silk Road International Expo

    Russian client was very interested in our metallic tattoo sticker in the Expo and bought a lot of tatttoo samples including black tattoo, metallic tattoo and new product hair tattoo sticker.Our tattoo stickers have below advantages:1. Last up 7-10 days2. Waterproof3. Can be colorful or metallic or black and even white4. We can offer hundreds of design element to provide for our customers5.Our factory is certificated by ISO9001:2008, GMPC, FDA and our products reach the standard of CA#65, CPSIA, EN71-3 (including 16P, 19 heavy metals, microbial contamination and TRA) and MSDS. If you need the test report, we can provide to you.6.The hair tattoo can be removed from hair by peeling off or with make up remover or alcohol.If you would like to you know more about our temporary sticker, please click water transfer tattoo and dry tattoo to check more.Email: sales@nailsticker.cnSkype: nailstickerltd
  • [News] Kenyan Client - Martime Silk Road International Expo

    Kenyan client was very interested in our nail sticker in the Expo and bought a lot of products.1.No dry time, no odour, no harm for nail2.Stretchy and thin, which caters for those who has domed nail easily.2. Last 7 days. If top coat is applied, the nail sticker will last longer and avoid it to be scrapped.3. Safe for children and pregnancy. Non toxic.4. Our products meet with the standard of EN71/FDA/TRA/CPSIA/CA#65 (including 16P, 19 heavy metals and PAHs) and are certificated by GMPC, ISO9001:2008 and pas MSDS and SGS test report. 5. Soft and stretchy, easy to apply6. Large print and HD pattern on nail stickers. Sophisticated pattern, including galaxy texture, intricate damask and even blossom, can be large format printed over 300 dpi on nail sticker by our unique technique.If you are interested in our nail sticker, please contact us.Email: sales@nailsticker.cnSkype:nailstickerltd
  • [Reference & Testimonial] A Re-Order of Metallic Gold & Silver Tattoo Comes to NailSticker Again

    Today, we got an re-order from our German client of 36,000 sets with 6 designs of metallic gold and silver tattoo stickers. We have kept good business relationship with him for several years and get several re-orders or new orders each year. Our metallic tattoo sticker is non toxic and safe. Because the glue of temporary tattoo sticker,we adopted is water-base, which means the glue can dissolve by water and it won't make allergies to skin. In the course of negociation, our design team make strenous efforts to help the client to improve his designs. Once our clients of NailSticker does not satisfy with their design, we will try our best to improve it or provide our available designs, all of them which are trendy, delicate and fine, for them. Our gold and silver foil is of hign quality. The flash tattoo looks very shiny, bright and radiant under light and sunshine.This is one of our available designs. If you are interesited in, please let me know and contact me without hesitation.
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