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  • [Album] GuangDong NailSticker at ASD Market Week

    ASD Market Week is the most comprehensive B2B trade show that brings the world’s widest variety ofretail merchandise together in one efficient shopping experience.This month GuangDong NailSticker attended this fair.As the participating company,we prepared kinds of exhibits before the fair.At the fair,many people visited our booth because of our beautiful exhibits.A client came over from Los Angeles to Las Vegas,just to see our nail stickers after receiving our invitation.He is an Indian who moved to America.We introduced many things about nail stickers to him.He was pleased to find that we are so professional and have rich experience in manufacturing nail stickers.Also,we visited other boothes.Though we are not the same industry,we can always study many things,such as Advertising Creative,Design inspiration.GuangDong NailSticker team really learned more at the fair.And we will try our best to serve clients better.
  • [Album] A France Client Visited Our Factory

    A France Client visited our factory author: Emily Today was a wonderful day.On December 6,2016 one of our client from France came to visit our factory.This was his first time to visit us.The client runs various fashionable products.He came to China this time to look for nail sticker supplier and then confirm orders.We showed him our workshop and our existing samples.He was pleased to find that we have so many different patterns and designs that he can choose which undoubtedly saves much of his precious time and cost.After the visiting, he selected lots of our existing samples,such as nail sticker,tattoo and face sticker.Thanks to the trust of the clients,our company are trying our best to do better. Guangdong Nail Sticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional nail beauty products manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing, and distributing full range of decorative/cosmetics sticker such as nail stickers, temporary tattoos, rhinestone stickers,manicure set, holiday/promotional gift sets, make-up and bath products, and fashion accessories.
  • [Album] Charity Activities for Improving Team Spirit

    From 19th to 20th, Dec, our team, with leader Tom, GM of Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd, took part in a meaningful charity activities. In the course of the charity activities, we were required to collect living goods and foods. Then we were led tovisitgerocomium and to give out the foods and living goods to the old. We chatted with the old and heard their story and even help them to do some cleaning. After that, we took a course of the sharing held by the instutition. We met different people from different place in Dongguan and we were tought how to help others, how to manage ourselves, how to share information with people around you, how to put ourselves on other's shoes and how to face difficult and be man up when we are suffering "pain" , no matter in working or in life.This charity activity and self-management course, to some extent, lead us to growing mature and stronger. For life, we shoud have a definitefaith, then methods will come to you anytime. No faith, no methods. Every success comes from your faith and depands on how strong your faith is.
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