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New Arrival:Temporary Freckles Tattoo
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For the bulk of beauty history, women have been trying to cover their face with tattoo freckles. 
But the latest beauty trend actually involves adding marks to your skin: Enter freckle tattoos.
So GuangDong NailSticker Cosmetics Co.,LTD promotes freckle tattoos.

We now have 6 styles for your choice.And our design team is designing more styles to meet markert's needs.

As one of the tattoos,freckle tattoos have the same instructions as temporary tattoos.
1.Clean and dry skin,free from lotion or oils.
2.Remove plastic sheet.
3.Apply tattoo face down on your skin.
4.Thoroughly wet tattoo and press down for 20 seconds.
5.Slowly remove backing.
6.To remove,use rubbing alchol or use baby oil.

Applying freckle tattoos can quickly reach the makeup effect and last 7-10 days.
These tattoos are non-toxic and safe for anyone.

Although we have many styles for your choice,we also accept customizing.
OEM are welcome for both tattoos and packaging.

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