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Lavender Scented Sticker & Tattoo
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Romantic Scratch & Sniff Scented of Lavender 

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One day,  I received a customer request from Skype in the middle night.  He asked if 

we could make the lavender scented tattoos in urgent.

We treasured the opportunity, took a quick action and made it in 3 days. My customer 

was very satisfied with the samples and

issued order accordingly. I was so excited and encouraged because this was my first 

order since I have been in this company.

Don´t give up. You know what they say, no pain no gain.

Herewith, I would like to thanks all Nailsticker team's support to make it happen. Thanks 

for customer's trust

The scented stickers & tattoos release fragrance when rubbing.

It is very easy and convenient to use.  Clean and dry skin, tear off the top sheet of nail sticker/tattoo,

Put a wet cloth or water on it for about 30seconds or until it's completed saturated,

finally peel off the base material. 


Lavender Scented Sticker & Tattoo: 

There are two ways of releasing scent from nail sticker & tattoos. One is that scent itself

remaining on the surface of nail/tattoo stickers and keeping long lasting.

The another one is that the scent releasing only by rubbing


Different kinds of scented nail stickers & face tattoos are available tochoose.

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