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Information of the hot sale patches
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        These days, I am very pleased to receive inquiries,and i found a part of them are about patches.

       With the arrival of summer, jeans, T- shirt, vest is a favorite for people.The patches not only make your clothes become exclusive and special, but also show your style.It can be used in many places, clothes, shoes, hats, toys, furniture, all kinds of textiles and so on.The patches which made by us are high quality,waterproof,Eco-Friendly.It is safe for children and pregnant women.So no matter what age, what status, You can become a fashion person.

       Now,let me introduce for all of you.

      As you can see, patches have different  designs,number and letter, badge, pattern. However,these have different Cotton material,border,backing.

      There are many cotton material for your choose:Felt, Twill, Tatami fabric, Satin fabric, Warp-knitting Fabric, PVC.

       The border: Merrow border, Laser-cut border, Heat-cut border.

      The backing:Paper backing, paper backing with words, Iron-on backing, Velcro-on backing, Pin-on backing.

       With the paper backing and velcro-on backing,you can sewn the patch on your clothes.With the Iron-on backing,you can use Iron melt the glue,then put the patch sticker on your clothes.With the pin-on backing,you can remove the patch anytime.

       The color:  

      There are many style for your choose.You can make a special patch for the campany,customer,festival.

      Nail Sticker,.LTD is exactly a company which follow fashion as well as provide quality service. We can quickly production, accept small order, also can customized for you.The famous fashion magazine W,VOGUE,etc mentioned patches is still a fashion trend.With a keen sense of smell for fashion,We have mastered innovative technology and novel design.

      There are many style of hot sale patches in stock in our internet. Welcome to

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