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  • Makeup Brush Set

    04-26, 2017 A flawless face not only depends on cosmetics,but also how to make up.Dressers' secert for making up is makeup tools--Makeup Brushes.Guangdong Nail Sticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd is promoting new makeup tools.Makeup brushes will be the our main products in Beauty products.Our products will have the following advantages:1,Our makeup brush wools are nylon fiber ,horse hair,ect.For horse hair,there are long hair ,medium hair and short hair.Normally, we produce big brush with long hair.Well,as a natural wool,horse hair is more expensive than the artificial wool.But our hair is pure horse hair and of high quality.2,Some companies produce the wands with inferior materials.We put quality before quantity.Different materials are used to produce wands according to customers’needs.The wands of the brush adopt to UV Electroplate which can avoid the scrath.The wands will be brightened.And customers can customized logo on the wands.3,Glue sticking the wand and the wool is of good high quality and good process.Cracks between the wand and the wool are small and clear.So as a professional cosmetics company,Guangdong Nail Sticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd holds on the quality is the soul of an enterprise .Our makeup brushes produced will no shoddy wools,no hairfalling and no smell.
  • A company's products are recall by Australian offical

    02-10, 2017 It is during a rush season, the foreign procurement season, we know that import and export need to learn the country's trade laws and regulations, or accidentally step on the trap. February 9, 2017,there is a company' body tattoo and nail polish were recall by Australian official, because these two products do not mark the entire composition of the label, and in violation of the "1991 Australian trade practices (consumer product information standards) regulations "Provisions on all component markings.The risk of not all components markedproducts:Users may be allergic to certain ingredients, consumers can not identify the ingredients with allergies, also they can't find the appropriate treatment.What should the consumers do?Consumers should immediately stop using the relevant products, and contact the relevant companies to exchange or full price compensation.So they did a little negligence which causea big loss, we felt pity for them. Anyway our company Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetic Co., Ltd would not allow to make a mistake like them. We have been providing quality products for 15 Years. Our exporting product has a detailed identification of the ingredients, customer's products need to be tested before shipment. Our sales also need to know well about the local trade laws and regulations and related culture. Besides we cooperate with a number of testing organizations such as SGS Intertek Eurofines to ensure our cosmetics products safety and environmental protection in line with relevant regulatory requirements.
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    About NailSticker

    Guangdong NailSticker Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional nail beauty products manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing,and distributing full range of decorative/cosmetics stickers such as Nail Stickers,Temporary Tattoos and Fashion Accessories...
  • A France Client Visited Our Factory
  • Kenyan Client - Martime Silk Road International Expo
  • Charity Activities for Improving Team Spirit
  • Russian Client  - Martime Silk Road International Expo
  • A France Client Visited Our Factory
  • Kenyan Client - Martime Silk Road International Expo
  • Charity Activities for Improving Team Spirit
  • Russian Client  - Martime Silk Road International Expo
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